at the Rex's Den

Booking and Catering available to you!

Bookable Spaces

There are three main areas to the Rex’s Den: the Lounge, the Lab, and the Restaurant.

Rex’s Den Lounge (Stage Side)
Equipped with AV; Microphones, Projector, and Speakers.
Can be used for Stage, Karaoke, Performances, Ceremonies

Rex’s Den Lab
Can be used for Group Meetings, Casual or Formal Lunches and Dinners

Booking with the Rex’s Den

You can book Rex’s Den space for events and catering.

To book the Rex’s Den space for FREE you must also order catering.

Rex’s provides catering services with halal & vegetarian options.


Catering Menu

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Booking Form

Booking Form

Submit 3 week in advance

Your booking will not be finalized until you meet with the Rex’s Den Manager to discuss your event at least 2 weeks before your event.

To ensure a request has been sent through, send a follow up email to

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a receipt of your request in your email, chances are your (1) form was incorrect and/or was not submitted or (2) form was processed but receipts weren’t received by either you and our team. Please proceed in filling out the form again and if the problem continues to persist, email so we can review your case.